PROI optimiser

How to maximise your campaign profit return on investment (PROI)

We know that delivering the best possible PROI from advertising is top of everyone’s agenda, as profit is fundamental for the success of any business.

We’ve created a tool to help media planners find the optimum level of investment for both print and digital newsbrands, as a proportion of the total annual media budget, for a range of categories and budget levels.

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Minimum proportion of budget to spend in newsbrands

Multiple studies prove the effectiveness of multi-platform newsbrand campaigns. Below we show the recommended newsbrand print and digital split.

Minimum proportion of budget to spend in print newsbrands
Minimum proportion of budget to spend in digital newsbrands

Notes: The total campaign budget covers all media as follows: TV, cinema, radio, print newsbrands, print magazines, OOH, digital newsbrands, digital video, digital display and search. The budget level increments are different by category to account for the variation in spend levels.