Research studies

The ROI study

by Benchmarketing

  ROI study

Using the results from over 500 econometric models over the last five years, Benchmarketing has proved that newsbrands continue to play a very important part in the modern media mix. As a result, advertising spend should return to 2013 levels for optimum effectiveness.

The IPA Databank study

by Peter Field

IPA Databank study

Analysis of the IPA Effectiveness Awards – a bank of campaigns with proven commercial success – shows that including newsbrands in the media mix improves business performance and boosts the business effectiveness of other media.

The multi-platform study

by BDRC Continental

Multi-platform study

10,856 readers, five big brand campaigns and 700,000+ individual brand measurements demonstrate that newsbrands have a significant impact on brand health. Print plays a vital role for newsbrands – it’s the most effective newsbrand brand building platform and it kick starts a multiplier effect across digital newsbrands.