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Newsbrands are an important advertising medium for travel and transport brands. Advertisers invested an average of 13% in newsbrands in 2015 (figures sourced from SMI and include digital). This has fallen from nearly 23% in 2011. A range of other channels have picked up the difference, with the biggest increases for digital and out of home.

  • Current investment levels

    Of the 13% invested in newsbrands in 2015, the majority of spend was in print (11%).

    The evidence from the Benchmarketing study conducted for Newsworks demonstrates that the exodus from newsbrands, and print in particular, has been overdone. Travel advertisers are not getting the best return possible for their investment.

    The analysis shows that adding print newsbrands to the media mix in the travel category improves overall campaign revenue return on investment (RROI) by a factor of three. And if you use more newsbrand channels the return from print increases even further.

     Current travel investment levels

  • Print newsbrands boost total campaign ROI by 3 times

    Optimum investment level for travel brands

    How to get the best return

    The analysis from Benchmarketing allows us to determine the investment levels for print newsbrands to deliver the optimum return. To do this, all the travel cases were divided into four groups, according to level of print newsbrand spend – none, low, medium and high. For each group we then analysed the RROI – both total revenue and average revenue per £1 spent.

    The analysis demonstrates that it’s always better to invest in print newsbrands than not. For some companies the investment level required to deliver the optimum RROI lies between 5% and 19%, or at very high levels (26-59%) depending on the audience and the total budget.


Print newsbrands should form between 5% and 19% of the budget for travel and transport brands.


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The ROI study

by Benchmarketing

  ROI study

Using the results from over 500 econometric models over the last five years, Benchmarketing has proved that newsbrands continue to play a very important part in the modern media mix. As a result, advertising spend should return to 2013 levels for optimum effectiveness.