The ROI study

The ROI study

by Benchmarketing

Advertising ROI study

Using the results from over 500 econometric models over the last five years, Benchmarketing has proved that newsbrands continue to play a very important part in the modern media mix. As a result, advertising spend should return to 2013 levels for optimum effectiveness.


 Adding newspapers increases campaign effectiveness

Many individual case studies over the years have proven the effectiveness of newsbrands as part of the media mix.

Yet until now there has been no large scale study to conclusively demonstrate and quantify the value that newsbrands bring to advertisers and the return on investment that they deliver.

Newsworks commissioned the highly respected econometrics consultancy Benchmarketing, led by managing director Sally Dickerson, to carry out a detailed analysis to provide this evidence. Benchmarketing conducted a meta-analysis of over 500 econometric models from 2011-2016. Meta-analysis is common in pharmaceuticals, particularly in clinical drugs trials. One trial isn’t enough, you need hundreds to be sure of your results.

The results paint an impressive picture for the role of newsbrands. Key findings include:

  • Adding newspapers to a campaign increases overall campaign effectiveness, ranging from a 20% improvement in FMCG campaigns to up to four times for services campaigns
  • Newspapers supercharge the effectiveness of other media when they are included in the mix, with improvements in ROI ranging from two times (for TV), four times (for online display) to 10 times (for radio)
  • Adding digital newsbrands to the mix boosts newspaper ROI by up to five times

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Full presentation
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Category one pagers
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Watch the full presentation

Sally Dickerson, managing director of Benchmarketing, presents the full findings of the ROI study.

Watch the summary

Sally Dickerson, managing director of Benchmarketing, talks through the key findings of the ROI study.

ROI optimiser

How to maximise your revenue return on investment with newsbrands

We know that delivering the best possible return on investment for advertising money is top of everyone’s agenda. The ROI study conducted for Newsworks by Benchmarketing proves that it is always better to have print newsbrands in the mix, as they increase total campaign RROI (revenue return on investment).

We have created a tool to help media planners find the optimum level of investment in print newsbrands as a proportion of the total budget for a range of different budget levels.


Minimum proportion of budget to spend on print newsbrands
The total campaign budget covers all media as follows: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, OOH, online newsbrands & magazines, digital video, digital display and search. The budget level increments are different by category to account for the wide variation in spend levels.

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