Newsworks’ ongoing programme of effectiveness research is designed to conclusively demonstrate and quantify the value of newsbrands and the return on investment that they deliver. Our latest study, Planning for Profit, conducted for us by Benchmarketing, focuses on the total campaign profit delivered by investing in newsbrands.  Importantly it quantifies the effectiveness of both print and digital newsbrands for the very first time. It has the widest category coverage of any effectiveness study, with application for over 90% of advertised brands.

Nuts and bolts

Newsworks commissioned effectiveness consultancy Benchmarketing to carry out a meta-analysis of 684 econometric models from 2011-2017, across a number of different sectors. You can find a complete methodology of the research here.

Key features of the research include:

Measuring profit return on investment (PROI)

PROI is the revenue generated by advertising campaigns divided by the profit margin for each client over three – six  months. It takes into account the media investment and the cost of goods or services, so provides a much clearer guide to advertising payback than simply looking at the revenue generated. Benchmarketing’s assessment of the long-term effect is twice the short to medium-term PROI, although this can vary by category.

The impact of both print and digital newsbrands

This work measures digital newsbrands separately from the amorphous mass of online display. For the first time, we are able to quantify the impact of including both print and digital newsbrands on overall campaign effectiveness, in the form of PROI.


By looking at 30 individual categories, analysing characteristics such as purchase behaviour as well as how they behaved in relation to response to advertising investment, Benchmarketing developed five ‘super-categories’ as distinct segments. These categories cover an impressive 86% of the total UK advertising market. This overcomes the issue of having enough cases in a sector to enable robust and actionable conclusions.

Find the super-category for your brand

Individual categories

In addition to the super-categories, there is also in-depth category analysis for four individual categories:


Mediatel Media Research Awards 2019