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At Newsworks we have a lot of evidence about the impact of newsbrands and their role in delivering engaged and attentive readers. We also know instinctively that newsbrands are effective; many individual case studies over the years have proven that. However until now we had no definitive proof on a large scale of the brand impact and return on investment that newsbrands deliver.

So we commissioned three major studies designed to provide this evidence. Why three studies? It was a process of triangulation. In surveying, this is the tracing and measurement of a series or network of triangles in order to determine the distances and relative positions of points spread over an area. The concept in research involves using multiple data sources in an investigation to examine the consistency of findings. We knew that we needed to prove the effectiveness of newsbrands beyond reasonable doubt.

The ROI study
The ROI study
Return on investment
The IPA Databank study
The IPA Databank study
Business effectiveness
Boost your campaign ROI three times on average

ROI optimiser

How to maximise your revenue return on investment with newsbrands

We know that delivering the best possible return on investment for advertising money is top of everyone’s agenda. The ROI study conducted for Newsworks by Benchmarketing proves that it is always better to have print newsbrands in the mix, as they increase total campaign RROI (revenue return on investment).

We have created a tool to help media planners find the optimum level of investment in print newsbrands as a proportion of the total budget for a range of different budget levels.


Minimum proportion of budget to spend on print newsbrands
The total campaign budget covers all media as follows: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, OOH, online newsbrands & magazines, digital video, digital display and search. The budget level increments are different by category to account for the wide variation in spend levels.
Newspaper advertising effectiveness infographic

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Research highlights

A round-up of all the key take-outs from the effectiveness research, plus views from Group M’s Steve Goodman, OMD UK’s Sarah Jenkins and Maxus’ Alex Steer.