Newsbrand effectiveness


Many individual case studies have proven the effectiveness of newsbrands over the years, yet until now there has been no large scale study to conclusively demonstrate and quantify the value of newsbrands and the return of investment that they deliver.

Newsworks commissioned three different studies in partnership with Benchmarketing, Peter Field and BDRC Continental to provide this evidence.

The ROI study

Advertising ROI study

Based on analysis of 500 econometric models from the past five years, results of Benchmarketing’s ROI study show that newspapers increase overall campaign effectiveness by three times, as well as boosting other media, making TV twice as effective and online display over four times more effective. From looking at a range of different sectors, the study recommends advertising spend returns to 2013 levels for optimum effectiveness.

The IPA Databank study

IPA databank study

Peter Field’s analysis of the IPA Databank found that campaigns which use newsbrands deliver stronger business effects – defined as sales, market share, price sensitivity, loyalty, customer acquisition and profit – as well as boosting the business effectiveness of other media. Campaigns that use print can expect a +36% uplift in business effects, while for print and digital newsbrands the uplift is as much as +58%.

The multi-platform study

Multi-platform newsbrands study

Conducted by BDRC Continental, the study encompassed a sample of 10,856 adults, five big brand campaigns across newsbrands’ print and digital platforms and 700,000+ individual brand measurements, to demonstrate that newsbrands have a significant impact on brand health. Print is the most effective newsbrand brand building platform, driving a +5% uplift on brand health measures, while also kick-starting a 17% uplift when used in combination with digital.

Newspaper advertising effectiveness infographic

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Research highlights

A round-up of all the key take outs from Newsworks’ new effectiveness research, plus views from Group M’s Steve Goodman, OMD UK’s Sarah Jenkins and Maxus’ Andy Benningfield.


What do people think?

“Newsbrands are a crucial part of Asda’s marketing mix because they provide us with an influential and flexible platform that we use to inform and inspire our customers. The ultimate goal of our comms is to deliver returns and this large-scale study allows us to continue to invest with confidence. Retailers know that adding newsbrands to a campaign increases the effectiveness of other media – here we have the evidence to prove it”

 Claire Harrison-Church, VP marketing at Asda


“It is good to see the newspaper industry collaborating on this important issue and undertaking research to defend itself against some of the entrenched negativity in the market. There is a real appetite for evidence of the effectiveness of newsbrand advertising,”

Tom George, chairman of the IPA Media Futures Group and chairman of UK and Northern Europe for MEC


“The pendulum has swung too far and, just like records and books, it will find its equilibrium in the middle – digital is everything, but everything is not digital!”

Lorna Tilbian, executive director and head of media at Numis Securities

ROI optimiser

How to maximise your revenue return on investment with newsbrands

We know that delivering the best possible return on investment for advertising money is top of everyone’s agenda. The ROI study conducted for Newsworks by Benchmarketing proves that it is always better to have print newsbrands in the mix, as they increase total campaign RROI (revenue return on investment).

We have created a tool to help media planners find the optimum level of investment in print newsbrands as a proportion of the total budget for a range of different budget levels.

Copy explpaining your super category ...
Minimum proportion of budget to spend in newsbrands

Multiple studies prove the effectiveness of multi-platform newsbrand campaigns. Below we show the recommended newsbrand print and digital split.

Minimum proportion of budget to spend in print newsbrands
Minimum proportion of budget to spend in digital newsbrands

Notes: The total campaign budget covers all media as follows: TV, cinema, radio, print newsbrands, print magazines, OOH, digital newsbrands, digital video, digital display and search. The budget level increments are different by category to account for the variation in spend levels.